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Holiday 2022 Edition

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Highly Vetted and Curated Gifts

Recipients love Goody gifts because they're on-trend and hand-picked. We have something for everyone — whatever your budget.

Employee, Client & Sales Gifts

Gifting is an effective way to increase engagement and retention which directly affect the success of your team, prospects, clients, and their customers.

Bespoke Gift Boxes

What Goody customers are saying

Grace Lancaster,
Employee Engagement & Experience Specialist, Gong

"Goody made it possible to send 800+ high quality gifts to our employees during the holidays. Their gift options were plentiful, turnaround time was quick, customization options were unique, but most importantly, it was so easy to administer and track. Their team was always a text or call away and made the experience easy."

Joe Carbonaro,
Director of Business Development, Elemy

“Goody has made it so easy to get folks gifts that are thought-out and welcoming, with very little administrative lift.”

Custom Boxes

& Branded Gifts Guide

Holiday 2022 Edition

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Shaumiya Suehiro-Woell,
 People Operations, Rothy’s

“Our team has loved the option to swap the gift for anything they want. This is such a helpful feature when ordering for several team members. We’ve had employees express that the process to redeem their gifts is super easy.”

Each item in our guide can be customized with your company logo. Learn how to build unforgettable, branded gift boxes.

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